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Stream Export automatically exports a list of all the songs, playlists, albums, and artists that you saved in Spotify.

It's Super Easy:

1. Sign up using your
Spotify account

2. Click a button to start
your export

3. Download lists of your music (CSV spreadsheets)

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FAQ & Support

Will this export all my playlists and my 'Saved' music?

Yeah, exactly. Stream Export will export spreadsheets of all of your playlists, 'Saved' music, and 'Starred' music from Spotify.

Can't I download MP3's of the songs?

No, sorry. Stream Export isn't for downloading music files. It's for creating a list of the songs/albums/artists you've saved in Spofity so that you don't ever lose or forget about them.

Can it automatically export my music each month?

Yep, you can turn on Monthly Exports to have Stream Export automatically make you an export on the 1st of every the month so you always have a fresh copy.

What if there are playlists I don't want to export?

No problem, just set the "Export this playlist each time?" option to "No".

Can't I just export my music with a IFTTT recipe like this one?

Unfortunately, not. IFTTT can only export the songs you save after you add the recipe. So that means, if you have a playlist with existing songs, IFTTT won't be able to export the pre-existing songs.
Yep, when you are logged in, there is a link in the top menu where you can 'Delete Account'.
Unfortunately I'm not able to provide support and am not doing updates at this time.

About Stream Export

Hey there!

I thought I'd take a couple seconds to share why I created Stream Export. Music obviously means a ton to me. It's been a huge part of my life and is an ongoing connection to specific times (past and present) in my life, relationships, places, etc.

As I've moved more and more toward streaming all my music, my connection to it has become less tangible. The upside (and it's a big upside) is the ubiquity and ease of sharing/discovering. I love (love!) Spotify, but the fleeting nature of music licensing makes me super nervous. The music I've saved in Spotify is currently the most comprehensive list of music that I love. What happens when Spotify loses the license to some obscure record label that I happen to love? The music is here today but might disappear tomorrow without a trace.

You know that feeling you get when you're listening to a favorite album? Where you're just so happy that it exists and that it can never be taken away? I want to make sure that that stays true. It's (part of) the reason why I still love physical records and CDs. And why I continue to maintain my own MP3 library. And why I built Stream Export.

Music should last a lifetime, not the length of a subscription or a license.

Justin Thiele
Justin Thiele

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